Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bruce Allpress, Paul Gittins, Jon Brazier & Morgan Reese Fairhead in "Cave In" (2003)

The television movie "Cave In" features a host of PR actors, including two of Jungle Fury's masters. Bruce Allpress (Master Phant, Jungle Fury) stars in the film as Hal 'Cappy' Shuster, the patriarch of a mining family. Upon his retirement, his daughter takes over his job running the mine where her husband is head of the mining team and her son is a new recruit along with some of his friends. When a cave-in occurs, trapping the two men and two others, the entire town pulls together, struggling to get them out alive. Paul Gittins (Master Finn, Jungle Fury) also stars in the movie as Mac, a longtime miner who is sick the day of the cave-in but arrives to help with the rescue effort. Mac's expertise in the mines ultimately helps get the four men out alive. It's Mac that travels into the mine to get them out personally. Jon Brazier (Oracle, Mystic Force) also appears in the film as Bob Jackman, another miner who has a grudge against the family. His arrogant behavior in the mines actually causes the cave-in. Jackman tries his best to make amends on the outside and help with the rescue. Morgan Reese Fairhead (Kylee Styles, Dino Thunder) rounds out the PR cast, playing news reporter Brooke Chase. She also has a connection to the family, as their trapped son is her former boyfriend. Despite her fears over his safety, Brooke still manages to go through with her news reports live from the scene. Upon his rescue, she rekindles her romance with the young miner.

Bruce Allpress

Paul Gittins

Jon Brazier

Morgan Reese Fairhead

"Cave In" is available on DVD

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