Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gareth Yuen on "City Homicide" (2008)

Former Blue Ranger Gareth Yuen (Dax, Overdrive) guest starred on the Australian police drama "City Homicide," earlier this year. Yuen appeared in the second season episode "Life After Death," playing the role of Li Phat Lung, a seemingly innocent employee of a suspect the team is investigating in a murder case, which turns into a kidnapping, after the victim's psychic goes missing. The police soon discover that the first victim was killed after her psychic predicted the dangerous criminal activity of her boyfriend who is Li Phat Lung's boss. After rescuing the psychic, who fights back, killing the boyfriend, the police learn from her that the man was in fact, not the mastermind behind the criminal acts. Li Phat Lung was. Yuen appears in several scenes, including a shoot-out with the police, where he is shot before his character is arrested. Season 2 of the series wrapped up in October.

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