Monday, August 13, 2007

Samuell Benta on "Hotel Babylon" (2007)

Samuell Benta (Will, Overdrive) had a major guest starring role on the hit UK series, "Hotel Babylon." Benta portrayed Switchback, a controversial rapper, whose homophobic attitude and lyrics don't sit well with gay hotel staffer Ben Trueman (series regular Michael Obiora). When Switchback books a suite at Hotel Babylon, it is revealed that Ben & Switchback were former school friends with a secret past that changed both of their lives much differently into adulthood.

"Hotel Babylon" currently airs on the BBC (UK television)

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Will said...

Hey I so i see you only have one post for Samuel Benta. Recenly he is starring in the BBC teen soap opera called "The Cut" as Jay Kelso. You could get screen caps for that