Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Paul Freeman on "ER" (1998)

Paul Freeman (Ivan Ooze, MMPR: The Movie) made his first of three appearances on the hit medical drama "ER" during its fifth season. Freeman appeared in the second episode of the season titled "Split Second," where he was introduced as Dr. Charles Corday, the father of ER doctor Elizabeth Corday (series regular Alex Kingston). The elder Corday arrives to invite his daughter to join his practice back in Europe, after she loses her surgeon's job. In the end, his daughter decides to start over as an intern, staying in Chicago. Charles suspects that her willingness to stay may also have something to do with her blossoming romance with fellow doc Peter Benton (series regular Eriq La Salle). Freeman is the third PR actor to be featured on the blog for appearing on "ER" after the previously-posted Amy Jo Johnson and Jack Guzman.

Season 5 of "ER" is available on DVD

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