Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brandon Jay McLaren on "Harper's Island" - 8 (2009)

Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack, SPD) continued his role on "Harper's Island," as the mystery drama aired its eighth episode last year. McLaren appeared in the episode "Gurgle," reprising his role as Danny Brooks, a member of the doomed wedding party that soon finds itself trapped on Harper's Island. In this episode, the group prepares to leave the island in the wake of the discovered murders, but when the bride's niece Madison goes missing, she & her fiancé Henry convince their closest friends to stay longer at the Inn to try to find the little girl. The wedding party gets a fateful message claiming that if they leave the island, Madison will die. To make matters worse, the yacht that brought the group to Harper's Island leaves without them, after the killer's ultimatum. When the lights go out and they realize the danger lurking, they take up arms to protect themselves. Their efforts don't help Henry's brother J.D. though, as he is killed next by the island's serial killer. A full zip of Brandon Jay McLaren's screencaps is available below.

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