Saturday, February 12, 2011

Michelle Langstone on "McLeod's Daughters" - 18 (2006)

Michelle Langstone (Kat, SPD) continued her recurring role on "McLeod's Daughters" in the sixth season episode titled "The Eleventh Hour." Her character, Fiona Webb-Ryan, finds herself still trying to get her marriage back on track after her false pregnancy scheme came to light. But when her husband, Alex, suggests she stop trying so hard she worries that the end may be near, no matter what she tries to do. While drowning her sorrows, she gets recruited for the local volunteer fire-fighting squad. Fiona is nervous over her lack of experience, but thinks it might be just the opportunity to show Alex how independent she can be. After helping put out a fire, Fiona reveals her new hobby to her husband, who is not thrilled to know she's putting herself in harm's way with very little training. His outcry, however, shows Fiona that he still cares about her and her safety.

Season 6 of "McLeod's Daughters" is available on DVD

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