Thursday, May 7, 2009

Daniel Southworth in "Entry Level" (2007)

Daniel Southworth (Eric, Time Force) played a small role in the 2007 film "Entry Level." The film centers on Clay, a former chef who becomes unemployed when his restaurant fails. He befriends a group of people whom he runs into at each of his job interviews. While they compete for jobs, they create close bonds. Sporting a blond wig, Southworth appears as Vince Stallen, a cocky and self-absorbed businessman who refers to himself in the third person. He interviews Clay and several others all at once, as he's looking to hire a new assistant. He then attempts to humiliate them all to see which one will do whatever he tells them to do to get their job. Clay thinks he's got the job when Vince sends him to get rid of the other applicants with his pants around his ankles. Vince however, tells him to get lost instead and continues his hunt for the perfect assistant.

"Entry Level" is available on DVD

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