Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Katrina Browne, Paul Gittins & Andrew Robertt in "Blood Crime" (2002)

The film "Blood Crime" is a tale of revenge. Police detective Daniel Pruitt takes a camping trip with his wife Jessica and when he leaves to pick up some supplies, she is savagely attacked. On their way to the hospital, they run into a truck. When a traumatized Jessica identifies the driver as the person who attacked her, Daniel goes ballistic, badly beating the man and locking him in the truck. But at the hospital, Jessica identifies another male as her attacker, showing Daniel that she is just scared of any man coming near her. The local sheriff questions him about the attack and in the process, Daniel discovers the truck driver he beat was found dead...and he's the sheriff's son. This leads to a cat-and-mouse game between the two law men as they team up to find the attacker and the person who killed the sheriff's son. Katrina Browne (Kapri, Ninja Storm) appears in a few scenes of the film, playing Naomi, the clerk at the store that Daniel meets after leaving his wife at the camp site. He later discovers that Naomi is the ex-girlfriend of the sheriff's son and she has nothing nice to say about her former boyfriend, despite his death. Paul Gittins (Master Finn, Jungle Fury) appears early in the film playing the hospital coroner, Ed who is friends with the sheriff and breaks the news about his son's death. PR voice actor Andrew Robertt (voice of Morticon, Mystic Force) plays a supporting role as one of the sheriff's deputies, David Forrest who is instantly suspicious of Detective Pruitt and soon finds many clues leading him to believe that Daniel may have killed the sheriff's son. Before he can prove whether his suspicions are correct, he is shot chasing another suspect.

Katrina Browne

Paul Gittins

Andrew Robertt

"Blood Crime" is available on DVD

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