Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Johnny Yong Bosch & Daniel Southworth in "Broken Path" (2008)

So what happens when a former Ranger is brutally stalked by the wife of Power Rangers' veteran producer and must trust in another former Ranger only to be ultimately double-crossed and stuck in a fight for his life? Well, hopefully you're watching the non-stop action film "Broken Path." Former Ranger Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam, MMPR-Turbo) plays Jack Ellis, a computer geek who has just moved to the deserted country with his wife and young daughter, who is off to Summer camp. Jack & his wife Lisa settle in for some alone time, only to discover that they aren't alone. A group of deadly masked assassins descends upon their home, stalking them at every turn. The bad guys are led by longtime PR stunt woman Motoko Nagino, the wife of PR producer Koichi Sakamoto (who directs this film). Things get more complicated when Lisa notices that her husband busts out some serious martial arts to defend them. It turns out the assassins are looking to kill Jack a.k.a. Hiroki for escaping their violent league. Just when it seems Jack & Lisa are out of options, in swoops Yoshi, played by Daniel Southworth (Eric, Time Force). Jack & Yoshi were trained together and now Yoshi wishes to leave the violence behind as well. The two team-up until Yoshi is revealed to be the mastermind behind the plot, leading to the climactic final battle over Jack's kidnapped daughter, Maddy.

Johnny Yong Bosch

Daniel Southworth

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