Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Phillip Jeanmarie on "Workshop" - 2 (2009)

Former Blue Ranger Phillip Jeanmarie (Max, Wild Force) continued his starring role on the short web series "Workshop." In the second episode of the series his character, Adam books a promo for a new dance-themed television network. His roommate Jeff arrives home from work to find Adam watching television, still in his costume and very heavy make-up. Adam tells Jeff about auditioning for the commercial and how it could be his big break because of the major coverage. When Jeff brings up how silly Adam looks, he starts to realize how embarrassing the commercial could be. This episode was titled "The Right Look." This episode also reveals something in common that Jeanmarie has with Adam. Jeff mentions that Adam played a hermaphrodite on a daytime soap opera, which is of course an inside joke, referencing Jeanmarie's role on "Passions."

"Workshop" is available to view on youtube

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