Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brad Hawkins on "Fastlane" (2002)

Zeo voice actor Brad Hawkins (voice of Treys/Gold Ranger, Zeo) appeared on the high octane cop drama "Fastlane" back in 2002. Hawkins appeared as Mick Salgado, Jr. in the show's sixth episode titled "Ray Ray." The series' main character Van Ray (played by Peter Facinelli) calls upon his incarcerated father Raymond Ray to help with his latest case which has him and his partner Deaqon (played by Bill Bellamy) working undercover to bust the junior Salgado who has become interested in counterfeiting in order to pay off a debt incurred by his father, whom he killed. Van's dad worked with Mick's dad years before and fits right into the scam, while also breaking every rule of his temporary parole, which has Van infuriated. Mick's weapon of choice throughout the episode is a golf club, which he uses to commit murder. He almost makes Van's father his next victim, until the cops step in. Van responds by destroying the counterfeit cash, leaving Mick with no way to pay his debts.

"Fastlane" is available on DVD

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