Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Robert Axelrod in "A Light in the Darkness" (2002)

"A Light in the Darkness" tells the story of Taylor Melnick, an unbalanced man who has been institutionalized since his youth and is finally released back into his life several years later. Tayor struggles to find peace in his world where his crazed mother ruled his life. Veteran Power Rangers voice actor Robert Axelrod (voice of Lord Zedd, MMPR) appears briefly in one scene early in the film. Axelrod portrays Dr. Aberdeen who is Taylor's physician in the mental institution. Dr. Aberdeen handles Taylor's discharge and despite remarking that Taylor is still mentally ill, he releases him with a warning for Taylor to return if he feels himself losing control. Dr. Aberdeen is not seen again in the film. Despite the small role, Axelrod has several lines as he interacts with the film's star Matt Terzian.

"A Light in the Darkness" is available on DVD

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