Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brad Hawkins on "Navy NCIS" (2004)

Gold Ranger voice actor Brad Hawkins (voice of Trey, Zeo) guest starred on the hit primetime drama "Navy NCIS" during the show's very first season. Hawkins appeared in the thirteenth episode of the series titled "One Shot, One Kill," where he played Sgt. Aaron Barnes. When a Marine recruiter is killed by a sniper, the NCIS crew investigates and Sgt. Barnes is at the top of their suspect list after they learn that he threatened the recruiter for tricking him into signing up. Barnes went on to become a sniper instructor which has the NCIS crew more suspicious, despite his denials. When his alibi doesn't check out, he's held in custody. Hawkins appears in three scenes of the episode. Barnes is removed as a suspect when another recruiter is killed by sniper fire while he's in custody. He reveals that his false alibi stems from an affair he was having and trying to keep secret.

Season 1 of "Navy NCIS" is available on DVD

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