Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jason Smith on "Home and Away" - 11 (2005)

When last we left Jason Smith's (Casey, Jungle Fury) "Home and Away" alter ego Robbie Hunter, he was panicked after stepping on a used needle while on a camping trip with his girlfriend Tasha and best friend Kim. Episode #3881 finds Robbie a changed man due to the incident. He withdraws from his friends, as he awaits word on if he could have contracted a disease from the needle. Robbie becomes reckless and obsessed with just having fun, which leads him to steal Kim's surfboard which he promptly trashes while attempting to surf. Kim expects at least an apology but Robbie denies even taking it and refuses to apologize to anyone, practically ending his relationship with his best friend and leaving his family and Tasha unable to help him.

"Home and Away" currently airs on Seven Network (Australia)

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