Friday, December 4, 2009

Ria Vandervis on "Packed to the Rafters" - 3 (2009)

Ria Vandervis (Miratrix, Overdrive) continued her role as Layla on "Packed to the Rafters" in the episode "Naked Visions." Layla's flirtatious demeanor seems to be getting to her co-worker Nathan Rafter, who is highly committed to his wife Sammy. Layla, however, doesn't mind piquing his interest with demands that he work late, which is beginning to take a toll on his love life. Layla convinces Nathan to stay with her after hours for yet another drink to celebrate their latest professional victory. But as Layla's professionalism gets more personal, Nathan finds himself more conflicted over what to do next. Vandervis appears in only a few scenes of the episode.

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