Monday, January 4, 2010

Ilia Volok on "The Unit" (2006)

Wild Force villain Ilia Volok (Dr. Viktor Adler/Master Org, Wild Force) guest starred on the military drama "The Unit" during the show's second season. Volok appeared in the episode "Extreme Rendition," where he played Deputy Grubo, a guard inside a prison in Bulgaria, which the unit infiltrates in an effort to recapture a rogue member of the elite group. But when he escapes before they can make their move, things get complicated. Bob Brown (played by Scott Foley) is sent in, impersonating a prisoner and Deputy Grubo is attached to him, until they discover the prisoner escape. The unit's commander Jonas Blane (played by Dennis Haysbert) uses his cover to assist the prison staff in trying to apprehend the prisoner, which throws them off the trail long enough for his team to extract the renegade. Volok appears in several scenes during the first half of the episode.

Season 2 of "The Unit" is available on DVD

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