Friday, December 18, 2009

Dwayne Cameron, Donogh Rees & Gerald Urquhart on "Legend of the Seeker" (2009)

The sixth episode of the second season of "Legend of the Seeker" featured three more Power Rangers alums. The Seeker, Richard, and his comrades save a village of pacifist healers who refuse to fight, despite their losses to a group of slave hunters. Former Mercury Ranger Dwayne Cameron (Tyzonn, Overdrive) guest stars as Kur, a young man who wants to go against tradition and learn to fight to protect his people. He asks The Seeker to train him, which sparks controversy amongst them, especially his mother Roga, played by Donogh Rees (voice of Necrolai, Mystic Force). When the young fighters' training unleashes an anger that almost kills them, they discover they've been under a spell to prevent them from fighting. When the wizard, Zedd frees them from the spell, their fury begins to consume them as they tear apart their enemies and Richard appears to be the catalyst behind the rage, leading to a discovery about his ancestor. Also appearing in the episode is Dwayne Cameron's Overdrive co-star Gerald Urquhart (Flurious, Overdrive), who appears in two scenes as a slave hunter named Dut who tries to ambush the healers but is stopped by former Mord'Sith Cara. Before she can kill him, he's saved by Roga, a debt he later repays by helping convince his leader that the healers will not pose any further threat to his people. The episode titled "Fury" was directed by veteran PR director Andrew Merrifield.

Dwayne Cameron

Donogh Rees

Gerald Urquhart

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