Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sally Martin & Holly Shanahan on "Welcome to Paradise" - 13 (2007)

The final episode of "Welcome to Paradise" finds the Paradise hostel falling apart, due to lack of repairs. The episode is aptly titled "Little Bo Peepshow." The added noise from the construction of the new Little Bo Peepshow across the street leaves business in the gutter. Sally Martin (Tori, Ninja Storm) and Holly Shanahan (Camille, Jungle Fury) continue their starring roles, as their characters Sasha & Lucy team up with their male co-workers to convince the hostel's manager, Alex, to get the repairs done. When they later discover that the Little Bo Peepshow is also owned by Alex's rich father, they convince him to finally stand up for himself and their business. The timely arrival of Alex's mother gives them another strong ally, helping them to save the hostel. With repairs restarted, the gang is given some much-needed time off. Lucy finally gets some time away with Zac, until Sasha and the gang decide to tag along on their road trip. "Welcome to Paradise" ran for 13 episodes in New Zealand. Screencaps from the entire series have been featured here on the blog.

Sally Martin

Holly Shanahan

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