Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sally Martin & Holly Shanahan on "Welcome to Paradise" - 5 (2007)

Episode 5 of "Welcome to Paradise" finds the show's leading ladies taking a backseat to their male co-stars. In the episode "No Brain, No Dane," Socks finds himself attracted to Zac's latest conquest at the hostel. Socks & Lucy, played by Holly Shanahan (Leelee, Mystic Force) team up to throw a special Down on the Farm theme night at the bar to help Socks connect with his new lady friend. Meanwhile, hostel manager Alex is in a rush to repair the place after learning an inspector is on the way. Sasha, played by Sally Martin (Tori, Ninja Storm) does her best to help him get the place clean, until they discover the inspector is a fake. Sasha is there when the real inspector arrives.

Sally Martin

Holly Shanahan

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