Monday, February 18, 2013

Holly Shanahan, Milo Cawthorne, Tom Hern, Damien Avery, Grant McFarland & Andrew Laing on "Underbelly NZ: Land of the Long Green Cloud (2011)

The finale New Zealand's "Underbelly" miniseries, "Land of the Long Green Cloud," brought along two more PR alums to help wrap up the story of Marty Johnstone and his league of drug dealers. Holly Shanahan (Camille, Jungle Fury) continued her starring role as Detective Carole Derwent who finally got some closure of her own in her personal life. With the help of her partner, Ben, Carole reconciles things with her husband. With the closing of the Johnstone drug case, Carole moves away from Auckland to be with her family, while continuing on as a police officer there. RPM alum Milo Cawthorne (Ziggy, RPM) guest stars in the finale as Jimmy Smith, a Scotsman for higher and the cousin of Marty's business partner, and best friend, Andy Maher, who is ordered by their boss to eliminate Marty, who has become a liability as their drug supplies dwindle on his watch. Andy hopes his cousin, Jimmy, will take Marty out, with some help from Billy Kirby, who specializes in supplying criminals with what they need to get rid of a body so that it's never found. A bearded Tom Hern (Devin, Dino Thunder) appears in several scenes playing Billy, who delivers a gun to Andy, informing him that the boss wants him to kill Marty personally. Despite his personal objection, Andy kills his friend with Jimmy's help and soon Marty's death is reported publicly after his body is found unexpectedly. In the end, under police pressure, Jimmy rats out his cousin Andy for Marty's murder. Damien Avery (Corporal Hicks, RPM) continues in his role as Detective "Goose" Gosling who is stunned along with his team to hear that Marty is dead, effectively ending their investigation into his drug ring. Goose is unhappy to hear that Marty will escape capture, though they do take some pride in discovering a connection to an alias used by Marty & Andy's boss, leading to his capture. Grant McFarland (Lothor and Sensei Watanabe, Ninja Storm) appears in one scene early in the episode, reprising his role as Marty's Bangkok drug contact, Piak. The drug lord informs Marty that he doesn't have the money to purchase very much of his product anymore but that doesn't stop Marty from more dirty dealing, setting up his impending death. Andrew Laing (Master Lope, Jungle Fury; voice of The Master, RPM) appears in a few scenes of the episode as well, as Carole & Goose's boss, Detective Sergeant Mackenzie, who tries his best to keep his detectives on the case, despite Marty's move to Bangkok. Later, Mackenzie shares the news of Marty's death with the detectives. Given their major roles, full zips for both Holly Shanahan and Milo Cawthorne are available below.

Holly Shanahan

Milo Cawthorne 

Tom Hern

Damien Avery

Grant McFarland

Andrew Laing

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