Thursday, August 7, 2008

Grant McFarland in "Jack Be Nimble" (1993)

Ninja Storm villain & mentor Grant McFarland (Lothor & Sensei Watanabe, Ninja Storm) played a small role in the independent New Zealand horror film "Jack Be Nimble." The film follows two siblings who are abandoned by their parents and adopted by separate families. Jack grows up in an oppressive family of farmers who verbally abuse him, in favor of their four strange daughters. Jack creates an invention in his metalwork class that hypnotizes his adoptive parents into doing whatever he wants, which he uses to kill them so he can search for his sister. McFarland appears in one scene as Jack's metalwork teacher. He has a few lines in his scene opposite the film's star, Alexis Arquette.

"Jack Be Nimble" is available on DVD

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