Monday, April 27, 2009

Craig Parker & Peta Rutter on "Young Hercules" (1998)

Back in 1998, "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" was a syndicated success. This led to the spinoff series titled "Young Hercules," which chronicled the adventures of the hero during his teen years. In the first season episode "Dad Always Liked Me Best," Young Hercules (played by Ryan Gosling) runs into trouble in the forest only to be assisted by another young man with amazing strength and skills. The young man introduces himself as Lucius, another half-mortal son of the god Zeus and therefore Hercules' half-brother. Lucius is portrayed by PR voice actor Craig Parker (voice of Motodrone, Ninja Storm). Parker appears throughout the episode where he helps solve a mystery involving the death of another of Zeus' sons. Lucius, however, is the culprit and is looking to destroy all of Zeus' children, so he can be the favored son. He turns on Hercules, leading to a climactic battle. Peta Rutter (Udonna, Mystic Force) also guest stars in this episode, playing the role of Iambe, Lucius' mother. She appears in only one scene, as the two discuss their plot to get rid of all of Zeus' other mortal sons. Iambe appears in a cave amongst several spider webs. Both actors would reprise their roles in a later episode of "Young Hercules."

Craig Parker

Peta Rutter

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