Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Keith Robinson on "American Dreams" - 9 (2003)

Keith Robinson's (Joel, Lightspeed) recurring role on the drama "American Dreams" continued in the twentieth episode of the show's first season. Robinson reprised his role as Nathan Walker in the episode titled "The Carpetbaggers." When Mr. Pryor has trouble finding workers to help set up his new store in a predominantly black neighborhood, Nathan steps up and suggests Mr. Pryor hire him and some of his friends from the neighborhood. Later, Mr. Pryor overhears a conversation about the incident involving his wife during voter registration back in Episode #17. He confronts Nathan's friends about their role in it. When Nathan stands up for them, Mr. Pryor fires them all including Nathan, despite the fact that he stood up for Mrs. Pryor in the incident. Outside of work, Nathan tries to convince his cousin Sam that his high school, which is mostly white, is only using him for his track skills after he is not allowed to join the Future Astronauts Club at school. A full zip of Keith Robinson's screencaps are available below.

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