Thursday, October 18, 2007

Selwyn Ward in "American History X" (1998)

While he was an active Power Ranger, Selwyn Ward (T.J., Turbo-Space) appeared as an extra in the film "American History X." The powerful drama tells the story of a former neo-nazi skinhead (played by Edward Norton) who tries to curb his younger brother's (Edward Furlong) hateful behavior. Ward appears as a high school student who exits the school's restroom just as Furlong's character enters. The scene is the film's pivotal climax. Ward was uncredited, given that his character did not speak in the movie.

"American History X" is available on DVD

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Anonymous said...

Selwyn Ward and Nakia Burrise were on the season 5 (episode 18) Moesha episode entitled "gimme a break"

nakia burrise appearances begin at the 2:00 minute mark and ward's at the 14:19 mark

Anonymous said...

Selwyn Ward and Nakia Burrise can be spotted on this episode of Moesha (s5; ep 18)

Nakia had a recurring role on the series as "Joy" and can be viewed throughout the episode beginning at the 2:00 minute mark

at the 14:19 mark selwyn ward can be spotted