Saturday, January 3, 2009

Reggie Rolle in "Buds for Life" (2004)

Former Green Ranger Reggie Rolle (Damon, Lost Galaxy) appeared in the 2004 indie flick "Buds for Life." The film chronicles the lives of four best friends living in New York City. Rolle appears in several scenes as Reggie, a member of a small Natalie Portman fanclub created by one of the friends nicknamed "Weed" because of his favorite smoking hobby. Weed is in love with Natalie Portman and convenes his club to try to win a ticket to attend one of her movie premieres. Rolle has few lines and his character is not referred to by name in the film itself. Weed later learns that his trio of comrades aren't that into Natalie Portman or smoking weed at all. They just like to hang out with Weed because he's the best Dungeons & Dragons player they have and there's a competition coming up.

"Buds for Life" is available on DVD

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