Friday, November 7, 2008

Monica May & Kelson Henderson in "Battle Planet" (2008)

Monica May (Z, SPD) stars in the recent science fiction film "Battle Planet," which was written & directed by Greg Aronowitz, the executive producer of Power Rangers: Space Patrol Delta. May plays the film's leading alien lady Jun'Hee. "Battle Planet" centers around future Special Forces Captain Jordan Strider (played by Zack Ward), who is sent to a supposedly uninhabited planet on a top-secret mission in a special suit that he can't remove. After arriving, he discovers Jun'Hee and the fact that the planet isn't so empty after all. Jun'Hee provides Jordan with the answers that his superior officers won't give and this leads them on the run from his own friends and comrades, who seek to eliminate both of them. May appears in most of the film, under heavy alien make-up. Her SPD co-star Kelson Henderson (Boom, SPD) also appears in the film, playing a colonel in command of the ship that is sent to retrieve Jordan Strider. Henderson appears in three scenes.

Monica May

Kelson Henderson

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