Monday, March 28, 2011

Felix Ryan on "Victorious" (2011)

Before leaving for New Zealand to film Power Rangers Samurai, Felix Ryan (Spike, Samurai) filmed a guest appearance on the popular Nickelodeon teen comedy, "Victorious." The series follows the teenaged Tori and her friends as they navigate life while attending a performing arts high school. In the eighteenth episode, "A Film by Dale Squires," the teens learn they will be putting together a short film to be directed by a young hotshot director (and former student) Dale Squires. Felix Ryan's character, Damian is amongst the students. While he sits with Tori's group, he is a strange misfit who shows no interest in the project or anything positive that Tori and her friends have to say. He appears in a few later scenes of the episode. Damien can be seen in the background, as the teens are making the short film and he later applauds at the premiere, even after seeing that Dale Squires has robbed the kids of credit on the film and given himself all the publicity, despite barely helping them complete the short film. Ryan appears in several scenes with former Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight star, Stephen Lunsford who guest stars in this episode as Dale Squires.

"Victorious" currently airs on Nickelodeon

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