Sunday, February 24, 2008

Aaron James Murphy & Alistair Browning in "Rain" (2001)

The New Zealand film "Rain" is a coming of age story revolving around a thirteen year old girl named Janey, who takes a life-altering vacation with her family, where she learns that her parents' marriage is on shaky ground and that her mother is having an affair with a photographer whom Janey becomes obsessed with herself. Aaron James Murphy (Sam, SPD) made his film debut playing Jim, Janey's little brother who tags along with her everywhere. Murphy appears in most of the film. Unfortunately, his character is at the focus of the life-altering consequences of Janey's actions when he drowns after she leaves him alone. Janey's father is played by Ninja Storm guest star Alistair Browning (Jake Brooks, Ninja Storm), who tries unsuccessfully to make the vacation a success to cover the tension of his marriage.

Aaron James Murphy

Alistair Browning

"Rain" is available on DVD

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