Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alex Borstein on "Friends" (2003)

PR voice actress Alex Borstein (voice of Queen Machina, Zeo) guest starred on the hit comedy series "Friends," during the show's ninth season. Borstein appeared in the episode "The One with the Soap Opera Party," which revolves around Joey throwing a party for his soap opera cast mates on the roof of his building. He doesn't want his friends to attend, knowing their star struck behavior would ruin things. So, Joey gets them tickets to a one-woman show. Alex Borstein plays that woman, whose show is about the disappointing things that have happened in her life. After word gets out about Joey's party, all of his friends end up crashing, except for Chandler (played by Matthew Perry) who gets caught at the stage show in the front row, unable to leave. Borstein appears in three scenes of the episode. She is credited as 'Bitter Woman on Stage.' Alex Borstein is the second PR alum featured on the blog for appearing on "Friends," after Ilia Volok.

Season 9 of "Friends" is available on DVD

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