Thursday, May 28, 2009

Amy Jo Johnson on "Flashpoint" - 16 (2009)

Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly, MMPR) continued her starring role as Jules Callaghan on "Flashpoint" during the tenth episode of the cop drama's second season. Jules returns to SRU Headquarters in this episode to let her boss know that she is 100% ready to return. Unfortunately her replacement on the team, Donna, has meshed well with the guys and Sgt. Parker is left with a touch choice of whether to take Jules back or keep Donna. Jules shares an awkward moment with her (now) ex-boyfriend Sam Braddock during her visit. In the end, Donna makes the decision for Sgt. Parker by revealing she's been offered a position on another SRU team. Sgt. Parker officially welcomes Jules back to the team at the end of the episode. Johnson appears in only two scenes of the episode titled "Remote Control."

Season 2 of "Flashpoint" airs on CBS

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