Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daniel Southworth & Vernon Wells in "The Butcher" (2009)

Time Force actors Daniel Southworth (Eric, Time Force) & Vernon Wells (Ransik, Time Force) both appeared in the action thriller "The Butcher." The film stars Eric Roberts as Merle Hench a mob henchman who gained the nickname 'The Butcher' thanks to his brutality. But after years of service, his boss Murdoch decides to dump him by setting him up to take the fall in a robbery perpetrated against a rival mob boss. Daniel Southworth appears in one scene of the film, playing a traffic cop who confronts Merle when he finds him parked in front of a railroad crossing. He doesn't issue a citation but does take an interest in Merle's classic vehicle. The two converse over the car, before the cop lets him off with a warning. Southworth's Time Force co-star Vernon Wells appears only in flashbacks where he plays the IRA Commander who discovered and trained Merle's boss Murdoch back in the '70s. Wells has no lines in the film and it's learned over the course of the film that Murdoch was responsible for his death thirty years ago, the first betrayal he ever orchestrated against a loyal man.

Daniel Southworth

Vernon Wells

"The Butcher" is available on DVD

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