Friday, March 29, 2013

Erin Cahill on "Red Widow" (2013)

Erin Cahill (Jen, Time Force) recently took on the recurring role of Felicity on the ABC drama series "Red Widow," which follows Marta Walraven, a housewife and mother who steps into her family's world of organized crime after the murder of her husband. In the show's first episode, viewers are introduced to Felicity, the much younger love of Marta's crime boss father, Andrei. Cahill appears in one brief scene in both of the first two episodes. The second episode finds Andrei spending some bonding time with his daughter and grandchildren. Felicity is also present, serving food to the kids, which include Marta's teenage son, Gabriel, who takes the opportunity to stare at Felicity's body given her form-fitting dress."Red Widow" is an American adaptation of the Dutch drama "Penoza."

Episode 1 - "Pilot"

 photo redwidow-1x1-ec1_zps6238dcdd.jpg
 photo redwidow-1x1-ec2_zps2c3b5927.jpg  photo redwidow-1x1-ec3_zps90257966.jpg
 photo redwidow-1x1-ec4_zpsc70a773b.jpg
 photo redwidow-1x1-ec5_zps34defd9c.jpg  photo redwidow-1x1-ec6_zps472d78ad.jpg
 photo redwidow-1x1-ec7_zpsd062f996.jpg

Episode 2 - "The Contact"

 photo redwidow-1x2-ec1_zpsd7fb2686.jpg  photo redwidow-1x2-ec2_zps1e5ca76a.jpg
 photo redwidow-1x2-ec3_zps6bb28666.jpg
 photo redwidow-1x2-ec4_zps181e28f5.jpg  photo redwidow-1x2-ec5_zps57589cd2.jpg
 photo redwidow-1x2-ec6_zps1bde5847.jpg

"Red Widow" currently airs on ABC

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