Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cerina Vincent on "Workaholics" (2014)

Cerina Vincent (Maya, Lost Galaxy) guest starred on the Comedy Central sitcom "Workaholics" during the show's fourth season. Vincent played the role of Laura in the fifth episode of the season, titled "Three and a Half Men." The episode finds the three main characters attempting to create documentaries to gain some fame. While following their friend Karl around as he researches surgical options, one of the guys, Adam (played by Adam DeVine) runs into Laura, who works at the clinic. Adam is busy trying to start up his own documentary showing his attempt to eat an enormous number of hot dogs. When a small piece falls on the floor, Laura feeds it back to him, leading Adam to gain instant interest in the beautiful woman. Later, when Adam finally gets alone with Laura, she reveals that she's actually transgender man. The revelation that she is still anatomically a man turns Adam off, ending their romance.

 photo workahol-4x5-cv1_zpsf1a9c3ed.jpg  photo workahol-4x5-cv2_zps69d518b7.jpg
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"Workaholics" airs on COMEDY CENTRAL

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