Sunday, October 7, 2012

Antonia Prebble, Glen Levy & Robbie Magasiva on "Auckland Daze" (2012)

"Auckland Daze" is a comedy centered around four New Zealand entertainers, Millen, Jimmy, Glen & Fasi, whose bad behavior gets them into trouble on a regular basis. The majority of the actors on the series play outrageous versions of themselves as they often poke fun at how small the entertainment industry is in Auckland. Given the location, the series has several Power Rangers connections. Antonia Prebble (Clare, Mystic Force) appears in the first episode playing herself. Antonia runs into Jimmy, a dwarf performer, at the beach where he's working on a job as a double for a kid. Antonia & Jimmy have a happy reunion, as they imply that Jimmy played her baby during her birth scene on "Outrageous Fortune." Jimmy plays up his success and mentions his hopes of being in the new epic "The Hobbit," but Antonia bursts his bubble, saying she heard from Craig Parker that Jimmy didn't get an audition because of his drinking. Parker appeared in two "Lord of the Rings" films and has done voice work for Power Rangers. Longtime PR stuntman, Glen Levy (Thrax, Overdrive) stars on "Auckland Daze," playing himself, a working stuntman in New Zealand. While practicing his craft on the beach, he insults actor Joseph Naufahu (Guard, RPM), also playing himself, an actor on the epic action drama, "Achilles" (a nod to "Spartacus: Vengeance" a series Joseph & Glen worked on) and then accidentally kicks Joseph in the head, knocking him out. Unable to revive him, he flees the beach with his friends, Fasi & Millen. Fasi, a comedian heads to an audition to play the minor role of "Homeowner," but faces discrimination when he's passed over for a white actor, despite dressing for the part. While there, he runs into popular NZ actor, Robbie Magasiva (Porter, Ninja Storm) who gives him a warning for Glen from his pal, Joseph. Robbie taunts Fasi, leading him to bail on the audition. Fasi passes along Joseph's warning to Glen, who spends the rest of the episode avoiding him. When Robbie & Joseph show up at a restaurant where the lead actors are dining, things get out of hand, leading to a major fight which draws actors from other action shows filmed in New Zealand.

Antonia Prebble

Glen Levy

Robbie Magasiva

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