Friday, February 28, 2014

Ron Roggé on "Mom" (2014)

Ron Roggé (Captain Mitchell, Lightspeed) made a brief appearance in the background of the CBS comedy "Mom." His appearance came in the show's sixteenth episode, titled "Nietzsche and a Beer Run." The episode finds main character, Christy (series star Anna Faris), working her job as a waitress when she serves a group of rowdy firemen. When one of the fire fighters named David (guest star Nick Zano) sees a flame at a nearby table, he scoops her up, attempting to save her by rushing her out of the restaurant, leading the two to become romantically involved. Ron Roggé appears as one of the other fire fighters at David's table when the incident occurs. Though he doesn't have any clear lines during his brief appearance, where most of his screentime has his back to the camera, Roggé is credited as 'Fireman #3.' Ron Roggé is the second PR alum featured on the blog for appearing on "Mom." David de Lautour was the first.

 photo mom-1x16-rr1_zps6a040c8d.jpg  photo mom-1x16-rr2_zpsbfa8cc9d.jpg
 photo mom-1x16-rr3_zps6a31d2fe.jpg
 photo mom-1x16-rr4_zpsda48d805.jpg  photo mom-1x16-rr5_zpscb65b215.jpg

"Mom" currently airs on CBS

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nic Sampson on "Flat3" (2013) - Web Series

Nic Sampson (Chip, Mystic Force) followed in the footsteps of fellow former Ranger actor, Mike Ginn, when he appeared on the web series "Flat3." Sampson appeared in the third episode, titled "Perlina." The comedy series follows the exploits of three young Asian women living together and navigating their troublesome personal lives. Episode 3 centers on one of the flatmates, Perlina, who has a desperate need to be liked. She consults her ex-boyfriend, Nic, played by Sampson. While he tries his best to avoid helping her need for self-improvement, he finally gives in to her need for criticism and tells her everything that he didn't like about her when they were together. When he attempts to go to the bathroom, she tries to come along, highlighting another of his issues with her constant fear of being alone. Nic Sampson appears in one extended scene of the 7 minute episode, which is available on Youtube.

 photo flat3-1x3-ns1_zps5701c5d4.jpg  photo flat3-1x3-ns2_zps7c122013.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns3_zps9bbbde8f.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns4_zps7c792dd4.jpg  photo flat3-1x3-ns5_zps5c173faa.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns6_zpsa6a0e0de.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns7_zpsf6fba8b0.jpg  photo flat3-1x3-ns8_zps8ab0efd4.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns9_zps89d49399.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns10_zpsacd33859.jpg  photo flat3-1x3-ns11_zpsafe67cc9.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns12_zpsd779d128.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns13_zpscbadc7ad.jpg  photo flat3-1x3-ns14_zps4bf56fb3.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns15_zpsd4defac5.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns16_zpsdd34c4e9.jpg  photo flat3-1x3-ns17_zps79db4a50.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns18_zpsd9444428.jpg

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Daniel Southworth on "Kickin' It" - 8 (2014)

Daniel Southworth (Eric, Time Force) continued his role as part of the stunt team on the teen martial arts comedy, "Kickin' It." The thirteenth episode of the third season finds the Wasabe Warriors taking care of the temple belonging to their friends, the Shaolin monks. In the monks' absence, the teens' sensei, Rudy, decides to turn the place into a vacation destination after he runs up a major debt. What Rudy and the kids don't know is that the work crew that arrives at the temple is really a band of thieves, looking to steal the temple's treasures. Daniel Southworth appears amongst the thieves. Though his name tag says 'Chris,' it is a disguise. His character is never addressed by name in the episode and has no lines. After being taken hostage, Rudy and the group rally together to defeat the thieves before they can get away with the temple's gold. Southworth appeared in four scenes of the episode, titled "Fawlty Temple."

 photo kickinit-3x13-ds1_zpsacc729fd.jpg  photo kickinit-3x13-ds2_zps465835a7.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x13-ds3_zps0a0b9db4.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x13-ds4_zps2cd08acd.jpg  photo kickinit-3x13-ds5_zps2625ac36.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x13-ds6_zps436d2f0a.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x13-ds7_zps23878669.jpg  photo kickinit-3x13-ds8_zps89d08685.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x13-ds9_zps4b6f6970.jpg

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Monica Louwerens on "The Vampire Diaries" (2014)

Monica Louwerens (Ms. Fairweather, Lightspeed) donned a white lab coat once again, this time to play a doctor on "The Vampire Diaries." Louwerens appeared in the eleventh episode of the current season, which aired back in January. After Katherine's (series star Nina Dobrev) collapse in the previous episode, she is seen being attended to by Louwerens' unnamed doctor character in the hospital. The doctor's efforts prove successful, as Katherine is ultimately revived. Monica Louwerens appeared in just one scene of the episode, titled "500 Years of Solitude." She is the second Power Rangers alum featured on the blog for appearing on "The Vampire Diaries." Eka Darville was the first.

 photo vampds-5x11-ml1_zps03d42310.jpg  photo vampds-5x11-ml2_zps5520044d.jpg
 photo vampds-5x11-ml3_zpsb8fd90e9.jpg
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 photo vampds-5x11-ml6_zpsc10934ed.jpg
 photo vampds-5x11-ml7_zps1b148537.jpg  photo vampds-5x11-ml8_zpsafb193c9.jpg

Season 5 of "The Vampire Diaries" airs on THE CW

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Nakia Burrise on "Hart of Dixie" - 2 (2014)

Nakia Burrise (Tanya, Zeo-Turbo) returned to "Hart of Dixie" during the third season's twelfth episode, titled "Should've Been a Cowboy." The episode finds Dr. Zoe Hart (series star Rachel Bilson) organizing a Health and Wellness Month for the town of Bluebell to help the residents get in shape. Burrise's character, Patty Pritchett, takes part in Zoe's exercise efforts, though Patty and her sister Prizzi make it clear that they are not enjoying Dr. Hart's attempt at incorporating dance into the exercise regimen. Burrise appears in one other scene later in the episode, as Zoe's efforts to get the town to lose weight are hampered by a bake sale. Just before their big bike ride, Patty gives up, deciding instead to get some dessert. Her sister Prizzi joins her, and they are soon joined by the rest of the riders, leaving Zoe on her own. This was Nakia Burrise's second appearance on the series.

 photo hdixie-3x12-nb1_zpsfa71b50f.jpg
 photo hdixie-3x12-nb2_zps1e5c0939.jpg  photo hdixie-3x12-nb3_zpsc1314bb3.jpg
 photo hdixie-3x12-nb4_zps7ed47e3e.jpg
 photo hdixie-3x12-nb5_zps543d5036.jpg  photo hdixie-3x12-nb6_zpsd8c1491e.jpg
 photo hdixie-3x12-nb7_zps3c14a4ce.jpg
 photo hdixie-3x12-nb8_zpsca73c73a.jpg  photo hdixie-3x12-nb9_zpsa79b663a.jpg
 photo hdixie-3x12-nb10_zps3fcf18eb.jpg
 photo hdixie-3x12-nb11_zps00c0f5cf.jpg  photo hdixie-3x12-nb12_zps42f22a36.jpg
 photo hdixie-3x12-nb13_zpsc2bc8818.jpg
 photo hdixie-3x12-nb14_zpsa61b5c10.jpg  photo hdixie-3x12-nb15_zps9e5729e7.jpg
 photo hdixie-3x12-nb16_zps9e78b80e.jpg

Season 3 of "Hart of Dixie" airs on THE CW

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