Friday, June 6, 2014

Alex Borstein in "Ted" (2012)

Zeo voice actress Alex Borstein (voice of Queen Machina, Zeo) played a small role in the 2012 Mark Wahlberg comedy, "Ted." The film tells the story of a life-long friendship between John Bennett and his childhood teddy bear, given life by a wish John made as a boy. The opening of the film sets up John's life and the beginning of his bonds with Ted. Alex Borstein appears in the opening scenes as John's mother, who, like his father, is shocked to see that Ted has come to life. Once they come to terms with this fact, they appear happy to have the teddy bear in their son's life. Alex Borstein appeared in only two scenes of the film.

 photo ted-ab1_zps5f0805a4.jpg  photo ted-ab2_zpsc65cc5a4.jpg
 photo ted-ab3_zps45a8768b.jpg
 photo ted-ab4_zpsf5418546.jpg  photo ted-ab5_zps520db205.jpg
 photo ted-ab6_zps45211f22.jpg
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"Ted" is available on DVD

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