Saturday, January 28, 2012

Erin Cahill on "Chuck" (2012)

Former Pink Ranger, Erin Cahill (Jen, Time Force) recently guest starred in one of the final episodes of the comedic spy drama, "Chuck." Cahill appeared in the eleventh episode of the fifth season, titled "Chuck Versus the Bullet Train." While Chuck and his partners, Sarah & Casey board a Japanese bullet train to stop a ruthless agent, Casey's daughter, Alex, becomes the target of assassins, one of which was played by Erin Cahill. Along with guest star, Ben Browder, Cahill takes Alex hostage inside the Buy More, while posing as members of a flu shot program being administered inside the store. When Alex's boyfriend, Morgan and Chuck's brother-in-law Devon try to rescue her, they end up captured as well, leaving Chuck's inept co-workers, Lester & Jeff as their only savior. The duo use their wits to lure Cahill's accomplice out of the flu shot truck, capturing him. Cahill's unnamed character is later seen apprehended as well. "Chuck" aired its series finale last night. Erin Cahill was the second former Ranger to appear on the series as a villain. Jack Guzman was the first. Cahill and Guzman appeared together in the Time Force/Wild Force team-up, "Reinforcements from the Future."

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