Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Steven Skyler on "Glee" - 6 (2012)

Steven Skyler (Antonio, Samurai) returned to "Glee," during the musical comedy's fourth season. Skyler appeared in the seventh episode of last season, titled "Dynamic Duets." The episode features the teens in New Directions coping with the theft of their Nationals trophy by their rival show choir, The Warblers. Former Warbler Blaine visits Dalton Academy to get the trophy back, only to learn from the group's new captain, Hunter Clarington, that the theft was bait to get Blaine back to Dalton Academy, with the intention of convincing him to return to his school and rejoin their glee club. Skyler appeared mostly in the background, as an unnamed member of the Warblers. Skyler can be seen in several group shots during their performance of the song "Dark Side." This would be Skyler's first and only appearance during the fourth season, though The Warblers returned in the next episode to perform at Sectionals.

 photo glee-4x7-ss1_zps1aec69dd.jpg
 photo glee-4x7-ss2_zps0043f5ba.jpg  photo glee-4x7-ss3_zpsf4869b35.jpg
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