Friday, August 7, 2009

Sandra McCoy on "Two and a Half Men" (2006)

Sandra McCoy (Kendall, Wild Force) appeared briefly on the hit comedy series "Two and a Half Men" at the start of the sitcom's fourth season. McCoy appears as Tina, a love interest of Charlie Sheen in the premiere episode "Working for Caligula." After ending his romance in the Season 3 finale and watching his brother get married instead, Charlie starts the new season all alone in his house which leads to a major party. His brother Alan arrives to find Charlie in bed with Tina...and two other women. The fun comes to a halt when Alan reveals his new wife dumped him, taking his money as well. Charlie reluctantly takes Alan and his son back in. Sandra McCoy has a few lines as Charlie introduces her to his brother in the scene. Cerina Vincent was previously posted for appearing on "Two and a Half Men." Interestingly enough, Vincent was also a love interest for series star Charlie Sheen.

Season 4 of "Two and a Half Men" is available on DVD

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Archie Kao on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" - 12 (2009)

Archie Kao's (Kai, Lost Galaxy) last appearance during the ninth season of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" came in the May 7th episode titled "Hog Heaven." The episode finds the CSI crew investigating the death of an undercover agent who was killed in a biker bar. Kao reprises his role as his namesake Archie Johnson, who helps Catherine (series star Marg Helgenberger) in the investigation by pulling phone records from the bar. He reveals to her that a call was placed to the bar from the Las Vegas police department, leading to even more questions for the CSI crew. Kao appears in two scenes of the episode and is expected to continue his recurring role on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" when the new season starts this fall.

Season 9 of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" airs on CBS

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David de Lautour on "What I Like About You" - 10 (2004-2005)

David de Lautour's (RJ, Jungle Fury) 20th post on the blog comes from his 10th appearance on "What I Like About You," which occured in the two-part episode "The Wedding" which includes Episodes 10 and 11 of Season 3. The first part of the episode acted as a cliffhanger over the midseason hiatus at the end of November 2004. The second part aired in Janaury of 2005. David de Lautour continues his role as Ben Sheffield, the British musician boyfriend of Holly Tyler (series star Amanda Bynes). Ben & Holly are excited for Ben's upcoming tour, which Holly will be accompanying him on. But first, Holly must deal with her sister Val's wedding. Despite seeing her groom Rick meeting with his ex-girlfriend, Holly helps her sister prepare. When the truth comes out, Val halts the wedding and dumps Rick, emotionally falling apart in the process. Holly knows she can't leave her sister now and is forced to say goodbye to Ben as he leaves for his tour. Despite his departure, de Lautour wouldn't be gone long, as he would miss only one episode before Ben's return.

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Ron Roggé in "Obsessed" (2009)

Ron Roggé (Captain Mitchell, Lightspeed) made a brief appearance in the recent big screen hit "Obsessed." Roggé appears in only one scene, playing Roger, an employee who works with lead characters Derek Charles (played by Idris Elba) and Lisa Sheridan (played by Ali Larter). When Lisa sets out to get her hands on Derek, she pulls him into the men's room during the company Christmas Party, determined to get his attention. While Derek resists her advances in a bathroom stall, a drunken Roger enters and while he has no real lines besides laughter, his behavior hints that he thinks something romantic is happening in the stall which he can't see. Most of his appearance on-screen is from the viewpoint of the characters in the stall. Although Roggé appears in only one scene, his character is referenced again later as having caused an entertaining accident at the party after Derek's departure. The film also stars Beyoncé Knowles. Roggé's Lightspeed Rescue co-star Keith Robinson also appeared in films with Idris Elba ("This Christmas") and Beyoncé ("Dreamgirls").

"Obsessed" is available on DVD

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Karan Ashley on "Kenan & Kel" (1998)

Karan Ashley's (Aisha, MMPR) first television appearance after leaving Power Rangers came during the third season of the Nickelodeon sitcom "Kenan & Kel." Ashley appeared as stuck-up rich girl Melissa in the episode "The Limo." When Kenan (played by Kenan Thompson) takes an interest in Melissa, he lies about his wealth so that she'll think he's rich as well. This leads to a fiasco when she agrees to go out with him if he picks her up in his limo. After his buddy Kel accidentally knocks out the driver, he's forced to play the role even though he doesn't know how to drive, leading to a major crash, which Melissa's parents witness, ending their romance before it can even start. Karan Ashley appears in several scenes of the episode.

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