Friday, May 28, 2010

James Gaylyn on "The Pacific" (2010)

The week before Nikolai Nikolaeff made his appearance on the HBO miniseries "The Pacific," James Gaylyn (Colonel Truman, RPM) made his first of two appearances on the World War II drama. Gaylyn guest starred as Tee, a servant employed by the Sledge family. Tee is serving Mrs. Sledge when he sees someone from the military arrive outside the house. Given that Dr. & Mrs. Sledge's son, Eugene (played by Joseph Mazzello) is serving in the Pacific, the family is instantly worried that they could be about to receive bad news. They receive a pleasant surprise, however, in the form of Eugene's childhood friend, Sidney Phillips, who served with Eugene briefly before returning home. The Sledges are eager to hear about their son's situation, as Tee watches on. Gaylyn reappeared briefly in the final episode of the series titled "Home." He is seen in the background of a few scenes showing the Sledge family celebrating Eugene's safe return from war. Gaylyn had no lines in his second episode. Screencaps from both episodes are below.

Episode 1x6 - "Peleliu Airfield"

Episode 1x10 - "Home"

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