Saturday, September 8, 2012

Anna Hutchison on "Wild Boys" (2011)

Former Yellow Ranger Anna Hutchison (Lily, Jungle Fury) played a starring role in the drama "Wild Boys." The series follows a gang of outlaws (or bushrangers) in the 1860s as they struggle to stay ahead of the law, while using their talents to increase their wealth. When a new superintendent arrives in their hometown in the first episode, they are quickly targeted. Thanks to some dirty tactics by the authorities, they soon find themselves fighting the injustice they are known for helping cultivate. Hutchison stars on the series as Emilia Fife, the daughter of the town's most powerful resident. When he brings in Superintendent Fuller to clean up the town, Fuller takes a personal interest in Emilia, who sees Hopetown as the most boring place in the world. She secretly pursues a local farrier's apprentice, named Conrad. When Fuller makes his romantic intentions clear to Emilia, she disappoints him by revealing her intentions to be with Conrad one day. As a result, Fuller adds Conrad to his list of targets, turning him into an outlaw as well, which does not sit well with Emilia.


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