Thursday, August 7, 2008

Keith Robinson in "The Reading Room" (2005)

Keith Robinson (Joel, Lightspeed) played a supporting role in the 2005 television movie "The Reading Room," which starred film legend James Earl Jones. Robinson appears alongside Jones, whose character creates a reading room in a low income neighborhood to fulfill his deceased wife's final wish. Robinson portrays Darrel, a high school student desperate to get into college, despite his father's negativity over the idea. He comes to the reading room and gets the help he needs for the big test, only to fail. He later learns that he has a reading disability. He is allowed to take the SAT again, in a special untimed session and passes with a high enough score to gain the scholarship he hoped for. In a Disney-related twist, the film also stars High School Musical's Monique Coleman, who plays Leesha, who has a crush on Darrel. Robinson appears throughout the film.

"The Reading Room" is available on DVD

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Firass Dirani on "Kick" - 11 (2007)

Firass Dirani (Nick/Bowen, Mystic Force) reprised his recurring role on the Aussie sitcom "Kick" for it's last episode. Dirani appears as Amen Salim in the series' thirteenth and final episode titled "Issi, Ozzie, Oi Oi Oi!" Amen continues his efforts to sell the house belonging to Dr. Mangeshkar and his wife, but their conflict comes to a head in this episode and the their marriage ultimately falls apart, leaving Amen stuck in the middle of their arguing. Later, he attends the big game between the neighborhood team and their biggest rival. Despite his past with star player Tatiana, he roots on her team, which includes his younger brother and sister.

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Grant McFarland in "Jack Be Nimble" (1993)

Ninja Storm villain & mentor Grant McFarland (Lothor & Sensei Watanabe, Ninja Storm) played a small role in the independent New Zealand horror film "Jack Be Nimble." The film follows two siblings who are abandoned by their parents and adopted by separate families. Jack grows up in an oppressive family of farmers who verbally abuse him, in favor of their four strange daughters. Jack creates an invention in his metalwork class that hypnotizes his adoptive parents into doing whatever he wants, which he uses to kill them so he can search for his sister. McFarland appears in one scene as Jack's metalwork teacher. He has a few lines in his scene opposite the film's star, Alexis Arquette.

"Jack Be Nimble" is available on DVD

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Jason Smith on "Home and Away" - 5 (2006)

Jason Smith (Casey, Jungle Fury) continued his starring role on the Australian soap opera "Home and Away." In Episode #4286, his character Robbie Hunter and Robbie's wife, Tasha experience a parent's worst nightmare, as their baby daughter Ella is stolen by her babysitter and delivered to the cult that Tasha escaped from almost a year before. It was in this cult that she was raped, leading to her pregnancy. Now, her daughter's grandmother, Momma Rose intends to use the baby in a strange cult ceremony. Robbie and Tasha go into a panic and seek help from their friends in the police. While they don't find Ella, they do track down the sitter, whom they believed was a reformed member of the group. They hope she'll tell them where Momma Rose is keeping Ella, before it's too late.

"Home and Away" currently airs on Seven Network (Australia)

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Michael O'Laskey II in "3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain" (1998)

Two years after his stint playing the young Rocky, Michael O'Laskey II (Young Rocky, MMPR) made the leap to the big screen in "3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain." O'Laskey played the starring role of Colt Douglas, the middle brother in a trio of kid ninjas, in the fourth film of the series. He starred alongside famous wrestler Hulk Hogan, as the Douglas brothers visit the Mega Mountain theme park, which is simultaneously hijacked by criminals, leaving them to save the day, using their ninja training and street smarts, taught to them by their grandfather.

"3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain" is available on DVD

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