Sunday, September 22, 2013

Emma Lahana on "Haven" (2013)

Emma Lahana (Kira, Dino Thunder) made her debut on the Syfy channel's supernatural crime drama "Haven," appearing in the first episode of the new fourth season. The episode, appropriately titled "Fallout," picks up where the third season cliffhanger left off, with main character Duke Crocker (series star Eric Balfour) following his partner Audrey Parker (series star Emily Rose) into a mysterious barn, which disappears, seemingly sucking both of them into oblivion. Duke wakes up in Boston, where he gets a visit from Lahana's character, Jennifer Mason, who reveals to him that she can hear voices from the barn. After discovering that six months have passed, Duke takes Jennifer with him back to Haven, Maine in an attempt to track down Audrey. Jennifer accompanies Duke on his travels through Haven, where many things have changed since he disappeared, but no one seems to know where Audry is. After a mysterious cyclone appears, destroying a building, Jennifer gets spooked. Duke has her take refuge at the police station, as his search continues. The episode ends with Duke finding Jennifer at a bar which had been previously closed. Jennifer drops a bombshell on Duke that his brother is its owner, leading to an uneasy reunion. Emma Lahana is set to appear throughout the new season. A full zip of Emma Lahana's screencaps is available to download below.

 photo haven-4x1-el1_zps7dda4eb8.jpg  photo haven-4x1-el3_zps53dc5b2a.jpg
 photo haven-4x1-el5_zpsea58bc5f.jpg
 photo haven-4x1-el6_zps4666ac06.jpg  photo haven-4x1-el10_zps630915db.jpg
 photo haven-4x1-el12_zpsccd42ff6.jpg
 photo haven-4x1-el14_zps88d57cd7.jpg  photo haven-4x1-el15_zpsfc50dc3a.jpg
 photo haven-4x1-el17_zps1300063a.jpg
 photo haven-4x1-el19_zps5ea6f8be.jpg  photo haven-4x1-el22_zpsdde5b107.jpg
 photo haven-4x1-el24_zpsb3520e8f.jpg
 photo haven-4x1-el27_zpsc62c2dfd.jpg  photo haven-4x1-el28_zps56c73747.jpg
 photo haven-4x1-el31_zpsc5a9794d.jpg

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