Monday, December 9, 2013

Commercial - Patricia Ja Lee for "Sears"

Former Pink Ranger, Patricia Ja Lee (Cassie, Turbo-Space) added to her commercial resume with an appearance in a "Sears" advertisement. The 30-second promotional ad incorporates athletes playing in the background, as Lee appears as a Sears employee showing off the new Kenmore Elite Dishwasher, given the slogan "Tall Things in Small Spaces." While Lee shows off the capacity of the dishwasher to fit taller items, the height of the basketball players is showcased, as they play within a confined space. The full commercial can be seen on Youtube.

 photo cm-sears-pjl1_zpsdbcc3947.jpg  photo cm-sears-pjl2_zps18a82458.jpg
 photo cm-sears-pjl3_zps3763b7c3.jpg
 photo cm-sears-pjl4_zps20b72d6e.jpg  photo cm-sears-pjl5_zps2b230b6e.jpg
 photo cm-sears-pjl6_zps8963239e.jpg

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