Monday, March 24, 2014

Brandon Jay McLaren in "Plush" (2013)

Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack, SPD) played a small role in the thriller "Plush." The movie follows singer/songwriter named Hayley (played by Emily Browning) who finds her musical aspirations crushed by the death of her guitarist and brother due to an overdose. Hayley begins to pick up the pieces and meets an eccentric new guitarist named Enzo (played by Xavier Samuel), who is a dedicated fan of her music. Despite her marriage and children, Hayley falls into an affair with Enzo, only to soon discover he has homicidal tendencies and will eliminate anyone in her life that tries to keep them apart. Brandon Jay McLaren appears in two scenes of the film as Butch Hopkins, a journalist who interviews Hayley on her return to music after her brother's death, and her decision to search for a new guitarist to replace him. Hayley tells him about how much her brother meant to her. Butch later crosses paths with Hayley's husband (played by Cam Gigandet) and children, giving her kudos on the interview and impending cover story.

 photo plush-bjm1_zps7dc5644a.jpg  photo plush-bjm2_zps5ea863a8.jpg
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"Plush" is available on DVD

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