Sunday, December 18, 2011

Brandon Jay McLaren & Sasha Craig in "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" (2010)

The film "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" merges two eras of Power Rangers, as Disney-era Red Ranger, Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack, SPD) stars in the horror comedy, along with Saban-era Yellow Ranger, Sasha Craig (Kelsey, Lightspeed). The film presents a twist on the horror genre, as two hillbillies, Tucker & Dale, on vacation to their Summer home in the woods, get drawn into a series of murders involving a group of college kids. Through a series of comedic misunderstandings, Tucker & Dale are branded backwoods serial killers by the kids, despite the college kids inadvertantly causing their own deaths by trying to "fight back" against the hillbilly duo who they believe have captured one of their own. Brandon Jay McLaren stars as Jason, one of the college kids who gets drawn into his friend Chad's emerging psychosis, as he feels the need to continually hunt down Tucker & Dale for their evil deeds. Jason manages to stay alive longer than most of his friends, but when Chad gets in trouble trying to rescue their friend Allison, Jason barges into the cabin, accidentally killing one of his other friends, Naomi. Chad angrily throws a lantern at Tucker & Dale, but misses, hitting Jason, causing him to go up in flames. Also appearing in the film is Lightspeed Rescue's Sasha (Williams) Craig, who plays an unnamed reporter who appears at the beginning of the film reporting on the backwoods massacre until she is attacked by the hillbilly killer, along with her cameraman. The film backtracks from there to show the events leading up to that moment. Sasha appears again later, first reporting on the college kids massacre and Chad's mental breakdown which would lead to her character's death, seen at the beginning of the film. Sasha Williams is credited under her married name, Craig. Her husband, Eli Craig (son of Oscar winner Sally Field) wrote and directed "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil." Eli also makes a cameo in the film as Sasha's cameraman, Billy. Those aren't the only Power Rangers connections in the film, as the cast also features Jesse Moss, as the unhinged Chad. Moss previously starred in "Dear Mr. Gacy" alongside Emma Lahana. Katrina Bowden who stars as Allison, previously appeared on-screen with McLaren & Lahana in "Ratko: The Dictator's Son" and Christie Lang who stars as Noami, appeared as McLaren's love interest in the film "Sea Beast." A full zip of Brandon Jay McLaren's screencaps are available to download below.

Brandon Jay McLaren

Sasha Craig

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