Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Craig Parker on "Legend of the Seeker" - 15 (2010)

The action/adventure series "Legend of the Seeker" came to an end with the 22nd episode of the show's second season. PR voice actor Craig Parker (voice of Motodrone, Ninja Storm) reprised his role as the villainous Darken Rahl, brother of The Seeker, Richard. Parker appeared in three scenes of the final episode titled "Tears." Rahl is enjoying a swim and biding his time until his brother can defeat The Keeper and pave the way for his own return to glory. But, he receives an unwelcome visit from the powerful vixen, Sister Nicci, who also has a vested interest in the outcome of the ultimate fight between good and evil. Nicci forces Rahl to tell her where Richard was headed with the Stone of Tears, which had the power to seal the rift between the living world and the underworld. Rahl later sends his minions, the Mord'Sith to assist The Seeker in his efforts. He returns at the end of the episode to make Sister Nicci pay for her violence against him. Over the course of two seasons, "Legend of the Seeker" provided the blog with ample material as it featured many notable Power Rangers guest stars including Jason Smith, Rose McIver, David de Lautour, Dwayne Cameron, Anna Hutchison, Miriama Smith, David Weatherley & Michelle Langstone.

"Legend of the Seeker" airs on THE CW

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