Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sasha Williams in "Dark Wolf" (2003)

Sasha Williams (Kelsey, Lightspeed) had a supporting role in the 2003 direct-to-video horror film, "Dark Wolf." In the movie Williams portrays Anna, a model who gets involved in the werewolf antics of this laughable film, when she becomes friends with the werewolf's prey. Williams appears in several scenes, most of them showing some form of nudity. Ultimately, Anna literally falls victim to the film's monster towards the climax of the film. A full zip of Sasha Williams' screencaps is available to download below.

Click Here to Download All 27 Screencaps - Warning! Zip file contains adult content
"Dark Wolf" is available on DVD

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Glenn McMillan in "Sally Marshall is Not an Alien" (1999)

Four years before he became Yellow Ranger, Glenn McMillan (Dustin, Ninja Storm) starred in the kid's film "Sally Marshall is Not an Alien." Filmed in Australia, it tells the story of a girl named Pip who makes a bet with the town bully that she can prove the strange new girl, Sally Marshall, is not an alien. Glenn plays Ben Handleman, Pip's friend who deals with constant teasing over his relationship with Pip and the fact that he's forced to wear hand-me-downs belonging to his six older sisters.

"Sally Marshall is Not an Alien" is available on DVD

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Walter Emanuel Jones in "Love and a Bullet" (2002)

Walter Jones (Zack, MMPR) appeared in the film "Love and a Bullet" which told the story of a hitman (played by rapper Treach) who becomes a target when he falls for a woman he's ordered to kill. Jones portrays Cisco, one of the hitmen who works alongside Treach's character, until they are ordered to take him out. Jones appeared in several scenes of the film. A full zip of his screencaps is available below the preview caps.

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"Love and a Bullet" is currently available on DVD

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Archie Kao on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" - 3 (2007)

Archie Kao (Kai, Lost Galaxy) continues his role on the hit crime drama "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," where he plays Archie Johnson, one of the CSI techs. In the Season 7 episode, "Law of Gravity," Kao appears in three scenes, where he acts opposite "CSI" regulars Marg Helgenberger, George Eads, Eric Szmanda and recurring guest star Liev Schrieber who made his final appearance on the series in this episode. "Law of Gravity" originally aired in February.

Season 7 of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" airs on CBS

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Michael Copon on "Beyond the Break" (2007)

Michael Copon (Lucas, Time Force) continued his recurring role on the teen surfing drama "Beyond the Break" into its second season. Michael portrayed Vin Keahi, the love interest for one of the series' main surfer girls, Kai (played by Sonya Balmores). The following screencaps come from the first episode of Season 2, where Vin discovers Kai is taking pain pills to forget her troubles. Expect more screencaps of Michael from "Beyond the Break" soon on the blog.

"Beyond the Break" airs on The-N

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