Thursday, April 4, 2013

Archie Kao & Christina Masterson on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (2010)

The eleventh season episode of the long-running crime drama, titled "Fracked," featured two Power Rangers alums in the guest cast. Christina Masterson (Emma, Megaforce) appears in the opening scene as Lexie, a naughty teen who goes skinny-dipping with two male friends. Lexie teases the boys, but things get uncomfortable for her when she lands in the water and takes offense at one of the boys getting a bit frisky, trying to grope her under the water. Both boys deny the accusation and when a body surfaces, Lexie realizes just what was touching her. The victim turns out to be a rancher whose body was dumped in the lake after he drowned elsewhere. The CSI team is on the case and recurring star Archie Kao (Kai, Lost Galaxy) reprises his role as Archie Johnson, who helps Nick Stokes and Greg Sanders lift evidence from the rancher's vehicle found near the lake. Archie pops up again in a later scene, sharing another discovery with the two investigators, which helps put them on the right track to finding the killer. This episode marks the first time that Archie has appeared in an episode of "CSI" that also featured another Power Ranger actor in the same hour.

Archie Kao

 photo csi-11x8-ak1_zpsb595055d.jpg  photo csi-11x8-ak2_zpsa5829c95.jpg
 photo csi-11x8-ak3_zps7a51b920.jpg
 photo csi-11x8-ak4_zpsbdf81e11.jpg  photo csi-11x8-ak5_zpsd5be98f7.jpg
 photo csi-11x8-ak6_zpsb412221a.jpg
 photo csi-11x8-ak7_zpsc6a7b3f4.jpg   photo csi-11x8-ak8_zps258e4f58.jpg
 photo csi-11x8-ak9_zps94b0d349.jpg
 photo csi-11x8-ak10_zps02398161.jpg   photo csi-11x8-ak11_zpsbd34f878.jpg
 photo csi-11x8-ak12_zps011f1855.jpg
 photo csi-11x8-ak13_zps5639931c.jpg   photo csi-11x8-ak14_zpsb7debf21.jpg
 photo csi-11x8-ak15_zps56136bf5.jpg
 photo csi-11x8-ak16_zps87468dcd.jpg   photo csi-11x8-ak17_zps26006ee7.jpg
 photo csi-11x8-ak18_zps00b555f1.jpg

Christina Masterson

 photo csi-11x8-cm1_zps114829a9.jpg  photo csi-11x8-cm2_zpsa3e8195d.jpg
 photo csi-11x8-cm3_zps91a17e49.jpg
 photo csi-11x8-cm4_zpseb235742.jpg  photo csi-11x8-cm5_zps5d4e2aae.jpg
 photo csi-11x8-cm6_zps4dc73700.jpg
 photo csi-11x8-cm7_zps1efb9294.jpg  photo csi-11x8-cm8_zpse9e2cf7c.jpg
 photo csi-11x8-cm9_zpsd875a0bb.jpg
 photo csi-11x8-cm10_zps6594dfb0.jpg  photo csi-11x8-cm11_zps62cf191b.jpg
 photo csi-11x8-cm12_zpse2d453a4.jpg
 photo csi-11x8-cm13_zpsda9841a1.jpg  photo csi-11x8-cm14_zps5a5cc143.jpg

Season 11 of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" is available on DVD

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