Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dwayne Cameron on "Mr & Mrs Murder" (2013)

Earlier this year Dwayne Cameron (Tyzonn, Overdrive) appeared on the Australian murder mystery series, Mr & Mrs Murder. The series follows a couple of crime scene cleaners who find themselves drawn into the murder investigations connected to the crime scenes. Cameron appeared in the fourth episode, titled "Atlas Drugged," in the role of Ryan Coltrane, a professional bodybuilder who comes in second place to a champion who is found dead after the competition. The lead couple, Charlie & Nicola Buchanan instantly peg Ryan as a suspect, given his routine losses to the victim in multiple competitions. Nicola reaches out to Ryan, who reveals his vulnerability and how much losing has hurt him emotionally, but before the Buchanans can find enough evidence against Ryan, he is found dead as well, after a verbal altercation with the victim's mother, after she discovers that her son's championship will go to Ryan by default. Dwayne Cameron is the second PR alum featured on the blog for appearing on Mr & Mrs Murder. Nikolai Nikolaeff was the first. A complete zip of Cameron's screencaps from the episode is available below.

 photo mrmrsm-1x4-dc2_zps1cbdc33e.jpg  photo mrmrsm-1x4-dc4_zpsc0080a4a.jpg
 photo mrmrsm-1x4-dc5_zps33989b7e.jpg
 photo mrmrsm-1x4-dc8_zps9402ef33.jpg  photo mrmrsm-1x4-dc13_zps70f07577.jpg
 photo mrmrsm-1x4-dc16_zpse3ea431f.jpg
 photo mrmrsm-1x4-dc19_zpsef9d1845.jpg  photo mrmrsm-1x4-dc21_zps1448f032.jpg
 photo mrmrsm-1x4-dc22_zpsf1f62057.jpg
 photo mrmrsm-1x4-dc24_zpsfb15c5ff.jpg  photo mrmrsm-1x4-dc25_zpsc4d47fdb.jpg

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